Am I the only one that feels like quite a few of Lorde’s songs have a heavy drug-use undertone in them?

In particular 400 Lux and Biting Down

400 Lux seems strewn with references to IV drug use, probably pointing to heroin. Talking about killing time and not having a lot to do “let me kill it with you, till the veins run red & blue”, drugs are obviously used to kill time. “Now we’re wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on”, long sleeves cover up needle marks & opiates significantly raise your body temperature. “We’re hollow like the bottles that we drain”, a lot of opiate addicts will become alcoholics after they stop using because opiates literally became their life and now they’re left “hollow” and fill the void with booze. And the biggest one “I’m glad that we stopped kissing the tar on the highway”, tar could easily refer to black tar heroin which is the most common form of it.¬†

To me it sounds like this song is about two people who were formerly IV drug users, most likely of heroin, and met because of that, but since meeting each other have found a reason to stop using. This song sounds like her asking this person to stay with her because they keep her away from it, she likes spending her time with them more than the drugs. 

I feel like Biting Down is also an extremely obvious allude to being really fucked up on drugs, the most obvious being ecstasy. Anyone who’s ever done E, MDMA, Molly, Methylone, what have you, will tell you that one of the biggest universal side effects is jaw clenching, or teeth grinding. Constantly biting down and grinding your teeth together. And it feels SO. DAMN. GOOD. I can personally attest to this lol. Combine that with the fact that she literally repeats “it feels better biting down” for almost the whole song, and I feel like it’s kind obvious.what the song could be about. “Skip a hit, don’t make a sound” “I breathed so deep I thought I drowned” could also easily be linked to this theme. Not to mention ecstasy and molly have become synonymous with electronic music culture and two other lines from the song are “listen to the beats resound” “the electronics of your heart, see how they fall apart”, the second could be referring to this breakdown of all of one’s personal barriers that most people experience on this drug. The willingness to open your heart up to everyone and everything.

Anyway this is just my 3am rambling, I could be completely wrong. I’ve been listening to this girl nonstop lately and just wanted to voice my thoughts on the matter~

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Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley

um fuck me

I have been sick for a week now and im not getting any better

I’m behind on all my schoolwork because of being sick

My phone is currently broken and I’m going to have to wait till the end of the week or possibly next week for it to arrive

Finals and term papers are coming up really soon and I feel so unprepared 

Why does this all have to be happening right now X_X

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